Legal Notice

In compliance with the terms of article 6 III 1° of the law n°2004-575 from the 21st of June 2004 relating to trust in the digital economy, we must inform you that :
    • the present internet service https://www.aphp.fr/paiementenligne is the property of Greater Paris University Hospitals (AP-HP), registered in the SIREN directory under the number 267 500 452, and whose headquarters are located at 3, avenue Victoria, 75004 Paris, Telephone: 01 40 27 30 00.
    • the director in charge of editing and publishing the internet service is: Madam MARIANE KERMOAL-BERTHOME, Director of Financial, Economic, Investment and Wealth Management, 01 40 27 30 00.
    • hosting is provided by the ICT Technical Agency of Greater Paris University Hospitals, located at 3, avenue Victoria, 75004 Paris, Telephone: 01 40 27 30 00.
    • you can contact the AP-HP at the following address : daphp.tipi@dgfip.finances.gouv.fr
    Advertising and editorial policy

    The internet service https://www.aphp.fr/paiementenligne refuses all types of advertising. The site neither wants nor receives any revenue from advertising.
    Graphic design and development

    The internet service was created and developed by :
    • the Communications and Collective Work Services and Skills Centre of Greater Paris University Hospitals.
    • IBM Interactive
    Graphic design was developed by the Communications Management Staff at AP-HP.

    The design and maintenance of the internet service was jointly completed by :
    • The Economic, Financial, Investment and Wealth Management staff;
    • The Communications and Collective Work Services and Skills Centre of Greater Paris University Hospitals;
    • IBM Interactive
    • The ICT Technical Agency of Greater Paris University Hospitals.

    The images and photographs which appear on the site belong to AP-HP. They may not be reproduced without the label Copyright © 2014 Greater Paris University Hospitals. All rights reserved. In any event, no photographs from the site may be used without prior consent by the director of publication.

    The designs, illustrations and icons used on the intranet site are protected by the intellectual property code (art L112-2, art L121-1 and following articles) and may not be reproduced without authorization from the copyright holder (art L122-4). In any event, no photographs from the site may be used without prior consent by the director of publication.
    Reproduction and representation

    All of the content present on the AP-HP on-line payment internet service are covered by copyright and professional secrecy. As such, with the exception of the illustrations, reproduction of pages from the internet service on a paper or electronic medium protected by copyright (article L 335-2 of the Intellectual Property Code) is only permitted under the following circumstances :
    • Approval by the author or by default the director for legal affairs (art. L. 122-4 of the Intellectual Property Code);
    • Freedom of distribution;
    • Respect for the integrity of the documents reproduced (no modifications or alterations of any sort);
    • the explicit mention of the https://paiement-en-ligne.aphp.fr internet service as source and that the right to reproduce them is reserved and strictly limited.
    The information reproduced in this way may only be used for personal, associative or professional use; any use for commercial or advertising use is excluded.
    Personal data protection

    The data processing system is an electronic administration internet service covered by the order n°2005-1516 from the 8th of December 2005 relating to electronic exchange between users and administrative authorities and between administrative authorities.

    It enables the user to manage on-line payment requests interfaced with the EIFEL client / patient / user file (AP-HP’s economic and financial management system) and the TIPI service (Internet-based fee application proposed by the DGFIP, having been the subject of the CNIL decree from the 22nd of December 2009) for payment by bank or credit card via the Internet.

    The internet service works in the following, simplified way :
    • A patient, agent, user or partner of the AP-HP with a debt to the AP-HP receives, at their home address, an invoice or an outstanding payment notice (OPN).
    • They log in to the internet service if they wish to pay on-line using their bank or credit card.
    • They enter the data listed on the invoice or OPN :
                  NIP or IPP n° (10 characters) for the payment of healthcare fees or Client account (8 characters) for other fee payments (not healthcare).
                  The outstanding payment notice reference (15 characters) or payment report reference (10 characters).
    • The user enters their e-mail address.
    • The user must choose the terms of receipt delivery, whether by post or by e-mail and must accept the terms and conditions for the use of the service (viewable in the "legal notice" page).
    • After accepting the service’s terms and conditions :
                 If the debtor is individual, the current debt is displayed,
                 If the debtor is an organization all of the outstanding debts to the AP-HP are displayed without any nominative information
    • To do this, the internet service consults the AP-HP client / patient / user file (EIFEL).
    • They select the debts and/or the total which they wish to pay.
    • The internet service redirects the user to the DGFIP TIPI internet service.
    • The user proceeds with the payment of the debt, and is then provided with a delivery confirmation.
    • The user is redirected to the AP-HP internet service.
    • A background information message is sent from the TIPI to the AP-HP’s client / patient / user file to confirm payment.
    • A receipt is sent according to the terms of delivery chosen by the user.
    This internet service complies with the general security reference (RGS – référentiel général de sécurité) and was subject to an approval decision on the 26th of March 2015.

    Technical traces are kept in compliance with the declaration "Implementation of a non-targeted ICT trace management system on the AP-HP information system", recorded under the declaration number 1562250v1 from 21/03/2012. These traces are centralized in the attack and security breach detection tool of the AP-HP information system, recorded under the declaration number 1825688.

    The information which you send to us is protected (automatic data encryption prevents any third party from reading them during their transmission to the AP-HP).

    The person responsible for this personal data processing is Madam MARIANE KERMOAL-BERTHOME, Director of Economic, Financial, Investment and Wealth Management, who completed an assessment request for this processing for the CNIL, with the final title: "Internet service relating to the management of on-line payments interfaced with the EIFEL client file and the DGIP TIPI file for payment by bank and credit card over the Internet.".

    The information collected will, unless opposed for a legitimate reason by the user, be recorded. Users of the internet service have the right to access, rectify and delete information concerning them and may exercise this right by sending an e-mail to daphp.tipi@dgfip.finances.gouv.fr or calling 01 40 27 30 00. The users of the internet service are informed that their data is collected by this present legal notice.
    Site user precautions

    The site users acknowledges that they have read and understood the present user conditions, which may be subject to later modifications, and is committed to adhering to them.

    The user acknowledges that he or she has the necessary skills and resources to access and use this site.

    The site user acknowledges that they have checked that the ICT configuration used does not contain any viruses and is in perfect working order.

    As a result, the user acknowledges that he or she is solely responsible for their own use of the internet service https://paiement-en-ligne.aphp.fr his sole exclusive responsibility.